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Ghost Dyes™

Tonbo's Ghost Dyes™ & Cell Viability Reagents allow for clear live vs. dead cell discrimination for more precise flow cytometry analysis, and are especially useful for intracellular staining protocols.

Buffers & Solutions

Flow Support Buffers

Specially formulated buffers and solutions for optimal resolution and low background in your analysis of nuclear targets.

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Bulk & Custom Reagents

Custom & Bulk Reagents

We offer over 1000 products, all of which are available in bulk sizes for consistency in long-term studies, as well as optimal value.

Custom Cocktails

Let us help you develop your custom antibody cocktails, available with almost any combination of fluorophores.

In Vivo Ready

In Vivo Ready™ (No Azide, Low Endotoxin)

Turn on your cells with functional antibodies that give you control – activate, cross-link, stimulate. And yes, some antibodies can turn them off too.

Backbone Panels

Backbone Panels for Flow Cytometry

Our validated Ready-Set-Flow!™ backbone panels are conveniently bundled and value priced for your human and mouse phenotyping studies.



High performance antibodies and staining solutions for analysis of Foxp3, TIGIT, CTLA-4, and GITR. Compare to BD, eBioscience or BioLegend.

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