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Recombinant Proteins from Tonbo
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Ghost Dyes™

Tonbo's Ghost Dyes™ & Cell Viability Reagents allow for clear live vs. dead cell discrimination for more precise flow cytometry analysis, and are especially useful for intracellular staining protocols.

Buffers & Solutions

Flow Support Buffers

Specially formulated buffers and solutions for optimal resolution and low background in your analysis of nuclear targets.

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Bulk & Custom Reagents

Custom & Bulk Reagents

We offer over 1000 products, all of which are available in bulk sizes for consistency in long-term studies, as well as optimal value.

Custom Cocktails

Let us help you develop your custom antibody cocktails, available with almost any combination of fluorophores.

In Vivo Ready™ (No Azide, Low Endotoxin)

Turn on your cells with functional antibodies that give you control – activate, cross-link, stimulate. And yes, some antibodies can turn them off too.

Build your own panel

Use our validated Ready-Set-Flow!™ antibodies to build your own custom multi-color panel.


High performance antibodies and staining solutions for analysis of Foxp3, TIGIT, CTLA-4, and GITR. Compare to BD, eBioscience or BioLegend.

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