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Tonbo Biosciences was created by a team of immunologists and life science industry experts who understand your reagent requirements…we’ve been there! We invite you to search our Technical Data Sheets, MSDS, download literature and posters, and to contact us whenever we can be of additional help to you.

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Ghost Dyes Protocol Tonbo Biosciences 2014 Product Catalog
2014 Product Catalog


Foxp3/Transcription Factor Staining Solutions
Factor Staining Solutions
Regulatory T Cells (Tregs)
Regulatory T Cells (Tregs)
Ready - Set - Flow! Panels
Ready - Set - Flow!™ Panels
In Vivo Ready Reagents
In Vivo Ready™ Reagents
Recombinant Proteins
Recombinant Proteins
Ghost Dyes & Cell Viability Reagents
Ghost Dyes™ &
Cell Viability Reagents


Immune Cell Types
Immune Cell Types Poster
(19" x 27")
T Helper Differentiation
T Helper Differentiation Poster
(19" x 27")

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Tonbo Logo
Tonbo Logo
Tonbo Logo
Tonbo Logo (stacked)